I want to make choosing your photographer as easy as possible!  I will work with you to go through the logistics of the day to make sure all plans come together on your day.  Reducing stress is crucial for great wedding photos. 

In six years as a wedding photographer, I've balanced developed my own approach weddings that embraces the sentimental feel of candid photography that emphasizes undisturbed moments.  "Veridical" means genuine, and that's the aesthetic that I want to capture.  Your photos shouldn't just show that you got married, they should embrace the full range of emotions that you shared- but in the best light possible.  

My approach stems from my beginnings as a street photographer and my interest in preserving simple daily moments in artistic fashion.  The interesting characters on the living streets of Chicago deserve to be undisturbed, but not forgotten.  My goal is always to artistically capture those undisturbed moments and people for the sake of it.  

I have dealt with all sorts of extreme situations, with all sorts of couples and always come out with great photos because I work exceptionally well under pressure, and with couples who are .  Grooms who aren't in the mood, stains on the dress, hail, power outages, missing rings, missing grandmas, missing DJ's and 200 missing guests who were given the wrong address, and more.  My personality is what makes me great at wedding photography in particular.

If you would like to meet, we will go through samples from an entire wedding or two that might have some elements that are similar to yours.  Anything else you'd like to see, I'd be happy to show!

My base price is $2,400 for eight hours of coverage with me as your photographer.  I have albums, print packages and videographers available and I am happy to accommodate any unique requests.

Email: VeridicalPhotography@gmail.com
Phone: (773) 609-1123

(773) 609-1123

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Kyle W. Schlegel, Photographer *
Kyle W. Schlegel, Photographer